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If yes, please forward me or pm me the link for download. Is it available on amazon kindle, google books or any other digital download. Find all posts by fensi Sir, i a horary astrologer. I need to ask one question. Please forward me your phone number.

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I will call you now. Is there a pdf version or online version of this book.

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congrès astrologique MAU à londres 1 1981 John Addey, Geoffrey Cornelius, Ernst Meier

User Name. This is just a quirk of the combined 3 rd and 4 th harmonic that even though each harmonic individually does not create any bulge in the 12th house, but when combined the combination does. Michel Gauquelin himself, who has done so much to elucidate the characteristics of the diurnal or mundane circle, says he can make no sense of planetary distributions in the circle of the Zodiac or in the aspect circle.

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This is quite simply because so far he has not fully grasped the harmonic nature of all such astrological factors. However, a word of caution, the Mars effect will not predict if a person will become a major sportsperson. While more famous sports persons may have a slightly greater chance of having their natal Mars from 1 to 30 degrees above the ascendant — peaking at about 10 degrees, the huge majority of people with Mars at this location will not have any greater likelihood of becoming a famous sportsperson.

The Guaquelins did not analyze a large sample of people and see what percentage became famous sports persons, because they only used a sample where everyone is already a famous sportsperson.

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From memory, I believe that that Mars in this same location is evident with serial killers. John Addey lived from to He was perhaps the most outstanding British astrologer since Charles Carter.

He is best known for editing the Journal of the Astrological Foundation, and for his work in harmonics. There may be other symptoms picked up by examining the data that have nothing to do with harmonics, but these will be of secondary or minor importance compared to the harmonic perspective.

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